FlowerMate V 5.0 S


FlowerMate V 5.0 S

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The V5.0s is a great vaporization device that bakes and never burns your material, pure and satisfying vapor is achieved via the revolutionary ceramic baking chamber. 

This vaporizer is extremely simple to use and clean. Flowermate V 5.0 S has an upgraded temperature control mechanism as well as extremely durable parts. Flowermate operates on 2600MaH internal Lithium Ion batteries and provides excellent session time. Some of the other unique features of the V5.0S include a hidden stash area to store the mouthpiece, fast heat up time and ceramic heating chamber.

The importance of the ceramic is that it provides even distribution of heat and prevents combustion all together. This devise has three distinct temperature settings which are 385F, 400F and 420F. The aluminum cover of this portable vaporizer provides stylish look and durable design.

The unit comes in two colors: black and blue. The cleaning is also very easy.

The Flowermate V 5.0 S comes with 90 day limited warranty.