Flowermate V 3.0 Air


Flowermate V 3.0 Air

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Flowermate V 3.0 Air is a wonderful new vaporizer by Flowermate Vaporizer Technology. This vaporizer compatible with Dry Herbs, Oils and Wax. This vaporizer has very beautiful sleek design and it was designed in California, USA. Maximize your vaping experience with V 3.0 Air.

Flowermate’s premier line of multi-use vaporizers. Featuring our patented Convection AirFlow System, an advanced ceramic heating chamber with a modular temperature range for herbs, waxy and oil.

FlowerMate V 3.0 Air Features

Beautiful sleek, elegant design

Patented Convection AirFlow System


Isolated Air Path allows for clean and pure vaping

Exceptional quality made only with medical grade materials

Borosilicate Glass Mouthpiece

Designed in USA

Color option: white and black